Certified Installers

It is DBI-SALA’s continual commitment to deliver quality products on time and for a fair price with the best training, technical assistance and customer service in the business. To ensure this level of commitment, a network of Certified Installers throughout the United States and Canada is set up to serve our end-users in these markets. This allows DBI-SALA to focus on product quality and innovation, providing the end-user competitively priced systems on the market by utilizing regional labor for installation. DBI-SALA’s network of Certified Installers is second-to-none and has been chosen for their industry experience, technical expertise and their commitment to worker safety. Working together, we are dedicated to providing exactly the right solution for your needs in the most responsive and cost effective way possible.

DBI-SALA goes to great lengths to ensure our network of Certified Installers are trained (internally and/or on-site) and refreshed on our products every 1-2 years. Training programs are modular, based on specific product line(s), ensuring theory and practical exercises are carried out at our state-of-the-art facilities with the industry’s best instructors or on-site. Certifications are recorded and given to installers once training is completed.